Cofrades and taurinos

To Christ of the Gypsies

As your sorrow slips

Through the copper of your hands

And your dark face.


To Our Father Jesus of Health, Christ of the Gypsies, and to the Faraón de Camas, the bullfighter Curro Romero, the Bodeguita Casablanca dedicates the walls of its establishment. Mainly to them. The culture of the land. Thus natural. “We spend many hours here every day. Only in that way we feel comfortable.” States the Casablanca family. The images are from the photographer Conrado Abellán, friend of the house.


Of course, you will know that Bodeguita Casablanca is the only catering establishment on Avenida de la Constitución with a purely Sevillian atmosphere. And the tourists who pass through the centre are certainly grateful for this. Many of them even photograph the walls. Globalisation is for others.